My name is Isabel and I am the creator of Infinity Hearts Gifts.

I started this company in my kitchen in late 2018, making candles for myself and to give as gifts. I've always loved candles and purchased some great smelling ones and some that well....didn't meet my expectations. So I became determined to make my own candles.  I did a lot of research, experimenting and testing to come up with my current recipe.

Our candles are:

  • Made with soy wax that is produced from U.S. grown soybeans.  It holds lots of fragrance oil, so our candles smell great even when they are not lit.  Soy wax burns clean with little or no smoke or soot residue, if burned correctly.

  • Made with a flat cotton wick braided with thin paper threads which provides a consistent and steady flame.

  • Made with the best quality fragrance oils; we test fragrances with family and friends before introducing them to our customers.

  • Handmade, hand-poured, labeled and numbered by me.

  • Made in small batches.


The Story Behind the Name....






The name of any company is the most important part of the business (besides the product). It needs to come from the "heart" and have "meaning" not only for the owner, but also as you speak to customers. Infinity Hearts Gifts logo is actually a picture of my daughter's tattoo which she explains is the infinite love between her dad, me and her.  There it is....


InkedInfinity Heart Logo_LI.jpg